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If you’re interested in losing 20-30 pounds in 30 days, and keep it off permanently, come and visit us or give us a call!Premier Medical Wellness Center is more than just some “fad” diet. We make it possible to create lifelong success with our simple and intuitive programs designed specifically for you and your lifestyle. Our methods are scientifically-based and designed to work specifically with your body chemistry to deliver rapid results. It’s not about dieting; it’s about breaking through those obstacles that have been holding you back.

Located in Solana Beach, CA, we provide services such as B-12, B-complex, Lipo, HCG, Botox, Fat burner injections and Diet Management.

Medical HCG Injections

Frustrated with slow weight loss? Our medical program, featuring pharmaceutical grade HCG injections, are like pushing the accelerator on weight loss. Come in today to find out how we can help you with your weight loss goals.

Nutritional Support

Nutrients are the building blocks of good health. Any ‘diet’ devoid of them can not only impede healthy weight loss but can also prevent your body from functioning at its highest capacity. At Premier Medical Wellness Center a major component of our program structure is balanced nutrition. Our nutritional counselors will help you learn how eating well leads to living well.


Experience You Can Count On

At Premier Medical Wellness Center we offer physician-supervised medical weight loss programs that are built on one main principle; LOSE WEIGHT AND LEARN TO KEEP IT OFF FOR LIFE.
As a patient, you are under the care of physicians who prioritize your health and wellness while developing a weight loss program to help melt away fat, boost your metabolism, and preserve your lean muscle mass.

Real Weight Loss; fast, effective and forever.

For us, it’s all about empowerment. We are here to help our patients lose weight, feel great, and have the tools to lead a successful lifestyle. In order to achieve success it is important that you learn to bring these tools into your life outside the center. Our team will be there to guide and support you from day one.
Here are some tools our center uses to set you on a successful path:
FDA-approved appetite suppressants (available by prescription only)
Dietary one-on-one counseling
Portion control education and assistance
Personalized medical weight loss program
Science-based treatment protocols
Isn’t it time you stepped into the stronger, healthier body you’ve always wanted? Our team will be there to guide and support you from day one. Failure is not an option; we will not give up until you achieve success. If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight and keep it off, it is time to turn to the professionals at Premier Medical Wellness Center. Our programs work, and they can help you finally become the healthier you that you deserve.

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